Hello world!

There is an extremist liberal, and in it there is an extremist governor, in which he is extremist in most currents

It also has a person who does not follow any current .. And also extremist .. This is the name of the extreme independent

How to become independent and extremist? I’m telling you

This is how long your age hates dependence and loves independence with a view .. But it is the level of two loves .. so that every opinion has become unanimous, most of them support them for fear that he becomes a follower .. And he tells you to die independent ..

If the people criticized the Ministry of Labor .. The problem in the youth Mo in the ministry .. And the second day of praise and Abo to young people (who is his opinion yesterday) received him say no .. Let us be rational .. The ministry is the first official
People complain of the secretariat of Jeddah and assume responsibility in the victims of floods .. Received a poke and say no limited people hit on her hand live in the course of the torrent .. And if the second council and their people are wrong on people said how to blame them ?? Who gives me permits of brown-based ??
Critics of youthful phenomena and traditions .. Your brother said, is a special freedom .. And if I say private freedom told you there are no values ​​and traditions must be preserved ..

And the optimization goes on ..

Of course, there is a difference between the extreme independent .. And the person called Akkas .. The first motive is the love of independence and not follow the herd as he describes .. While the second is the opposite of Akkas and likes to disagree with people and argue this man Bttar Vtnh enjoy the advantage of the other party and harassed if the debate Hadi because they Compatible on the subject and the point raised by the likes of the likes of motivated only entertainment ..

Despite their different motives, you can respond to them in the same way.

After proving that the person is an independent extremist or reversible reverse .. it must be your response to it in any difference or attempt to start a controversial wholesale ..

Sadiq Sadiq .. You are right

You are a sentence to cut his independence and its effects and respond to the burner and Tnth .. P like Mafia revolution counter .. the whole name of the antipasti 🙂

And the most of them in Twitter .. Received by all Mshav group speak Shii medicine in the text and vandalized just for sabotage .. And Adi received the second day repeating their words, which was opposed by ..

The next post, God willing, I’m talking about the category of crackling, a class that loves loneliness on people.


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